Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"The Horns Of The Altar"

"THE HORNS OF THE ALTAR" by Tanya AgapeLove
On my way to a Messianic Church on the 18 of September on the first day of the Jewish New Year, On the seventh month of Tishrei to celebrate Rosh Hashanah also known as the Feast Of Trumpets (when God created), my husband Philip and I saw a vision in the sky, the sun was going down and the sunset was beautiful, the colors burst through the sky in a magnificent way, looking towards the east where the church is located, we saw the Horns of the Altar as clear as could be than on the west we saw a serpent and it was running as fast as it could go, the Worship Music was playing loud and the Anointing filled the car with a thick fog, It was so heavy I could barely move on the passenger seat. I prayed and asked the Lord can you tell me what am I gazing at? A few minutes later we arrived at this church, We got out the car my legs shaking I could barely stand up, and once more I looked to the sky and it was burning red like coals on fire, but we proceeded to the door and we were received so warmly by the Pastor’s wife Jody, she took us into the sanctuary and introduced us to a few people in there and to the Pastor Alyosha. We set down and I looked around the church and saw the most beautiful banners, I know because I also am a banner maker, I made so many banners to the churches for I knew the Pastors and never asked for a cent, for it was my pleasure to make them. I remember the last series of banners I made and it was a collection of angels, I only kept one and it is the angel blowing the trumpet. So the Pastor gave some teachings about the Feast of Trumpets and he call for the Shofar
and told us to look towards the east to Israel and shout, and so we did, I could see the walls of Jericho coming down. A sister got up and started to testify about their experience on the beach where a sister was baptized, she said there were two rainbows in the sky, then I got up and testified of my vision and shared how tremendous the sky was that night and finally I understood my vision: that day I was discouraged about the churches and the services including the altar calls, that I did not see any evidence of the gifts and the people are not baptized with the Holy Spirit and set free, but I was invited by a sister to go to this church at the Holly Land Park where 21 people got saved the week before, but it was hard for me to get motivated to go perhaps to another dead church, but my husband called from work and encouraged me to go, and there I was in the Messianic Church a New Woman, Jew and Gentile praising the Lord of Hosts anointed to the max. The Pastors wife got up and called the people. She said we could prophecy or read scripture, the floor was open. At this time the Shekinah Glory was so thick I got up and Prophesied about the condition of the church, why God’s people are so ill and sick. The Lord wants us to have a close relationship with him not a 15 minutes asking prayer but a prayer without ceasing with fasting and weeping, I was standing in the gap for those who were sick, including my daughter and my mother, so many people got up and prayed over me and I was down in the spirit interceding for the sick. I knew then the serpent did not want me to get up that day, to stay at home and miss the appointed time at this fantastic church, just perfect for me, for I am half Jewish and half gentile. A church with a freedom like we have been looking for. I was totally stoked, when I got up I saw a NEW day a new sunset and a new sunrise, I saw people being delivered and set free, I saw the ones that were hurt by the churches going back and worshiping God, the backsliders and the lost. The Harvest is here the fields are ready God is doing a NEW thing for the church, I saw the work I had to do before me in the mission field and on the streets of Daytona, a Revival fire braking in the streets like fire spreading to the whole United States of America, the Harvest is here, Alleluia the appointed time has come upon the earth. The Kingdom of God is here.
The Horns of the Altar
(qare-noth ha-mizbeach):
1. The Brazen Altar:
These projections at the four corners of the altar of burnt offering were of one piece with the altar, and were made of acacia wood overlaid with brass (Ex 27:2, "bronze"). In Ezekiel's altar-specifications their position is described as being on a level with the altar hearth (Ezek 43:15). Fugitives seeking asylum might cling to the horns of the altar, as did Adonijah (1 Ki 1:50), which is one proof among many that worshippers had at all times access to the neighborhood of the altar. On certain occasions, as at the consecration of Aaron and his sons (Ex 29:12), and a sin offering for one of the people of the land (Lev 4:30), the horns were touched with sacrificial blood.
2. The Golden Altar:
The altar of incense, standing in the outer chamber of the sanctuary, had also four horns, which were covered with gold (Ex 37:25). These were touched with blood in the case of a sin offering for a high priest, or for the whole congregation, if they had sinned unwittingly (Lev 4:7,18).
This originated from the custom of the Cohen to cast the blood of the sacrifice upon the horns of the altar in order to atone for sins, as is shown many times in the Bible (Leviticus, ch 4. And ch. 9). It is also appropriate to mention here the biblical custom of the sinner to hold the horns of the altar in order claim sanctuary. It seems that great importance was attached to the horns of the altar, so this day I understood and it was time to blow the shofar to shout victory and proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God that was sacrifice for The Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur is almost here the 28 day of our month of September or Seventh Month of Tishrei Jewish Calendar, Yamim Noraim ("Days of Awe"), or Asseret Yemei Teshuva (Ten Days of Repentance) which are days specifically set aside to focus on repentance that conclude with the holiday of Yom Kippur
This is a very important day for the Jewish people a day of pardon, when the Priests enter the Holy of Holies call God and offer a Blood Sacrifice for the sins of the people a great day of intercession Yom Kippur marks the climax of the ten day period of repentance called the days of Awe, it is the time for fasting. But for the Messianic and the Christians, Jesus Christ died for our sins in Calvary and all we have to do is ask for forgiveness, we can enter the Holy of Holies in the secret place and have a perfect intimacy with the Lord of Hosts, for He gave His Son to die for us and that day the veil was split in half so we can have everlasting life.